We say eyebrows are what make or break the face. Microblading is undeniably the best way to fill in, reconstruct, define, and cover gaps in the brows. This Fringe service creates luscious brows that are easy to maintain.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattooing color into the skin by a stroking technique with needles in a curvilinear configuration. The process begins with drawing on eyebrows that perfectly complement the face; then by using a Microblading pen the technician inks on hairs one by one to create the most desired effect. This process takes about two hours and cannot be rushed.

The results of Microblading can last up to two-three years. Touch-up services are occasionally needed to maintain the look.

All the products we use are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are sterilized and purified for cosmetic use and are approved by the FDA.

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